Loneliness or Solitude

I wrote this for fun last night because I could not sleep. Tell me what you think 🤔 Loneliness or solitude I have sat for hours in silence. Yes, I write and also read, however, silence has become my best friend. I have created a friend, which evolved into a faithful friendship, her name is solitude. Multitudes fear my friend and will go great lengths to avoid her. I embraced my dear friend, we have built an developed our relationship over many years, at first, I also feared her beautiful silence. Then I learned that loneliness is my inability to understand her. Solitude is my faithful teacher and she has to lead me into meditation. Meditation is misunderstood as mysterious or mystic. It has taught me to embrace my deep relationship with my friend solitude. She has offered me strength, something rich and long forgotten. She offers me confidence, I cannot obtain anywhere else. She is always reaching out to

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The truth about our lives and relationships.

Daily reflection Read this before and thought it definitely worth sharing. The Cracked Mug ~ Ajahn Brahm The death of a loved one changes our lives forever. Even the deaths of those we don’t know, such as the thousands who die in natural disasters, alters the way we think. Death is a fact of life, and when understood, it teaches us how to care. Many years ago in Thailand, my teacher, Ajahn Chah, raised his ceramic mug. “See this!” he told us. “It has a crack in it.” I looked closely at the mug but could see no crack. “The crack is invisible now,” Ajahn Chah continued, “but it’s there. One day someone will drop this mug, and the crack will appear and split my mug apart. That is its destiny. “But if my mug were made out of plastic,” explained my teacher, “then it would have no such destiny and no invisible crack. You could drop it, knock it,

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Old authors offer so much, however many long forgotten.

‘The exercise. Alone, in a quiet place, muscularly relaxed (lying down or comfortably seated), I watch the emergence within myself of mental images, permitting my imagination to produce whatever it likes. It is as though I were saying to my image-making mind, ‘Do what you please; but I am going to watch you doing it.’ [See the footnote for a similar technique recommended by Eckhart Tolle.] As long as one maintains this attitude – or, more exactly, this relaxation of any kind of attitude – the imagination produces nothing and its screen remains blank, free of all images. I am then in a state of pure voluntary attention, without any image to capture it. I am not paying attention to anything in particular; I am paying attention to anything which might turn up, but which in fact does not turn up. As soon as there is a weakening of my voluntary effort of pure attention, thoughts (images) make their appearance.

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True success is in the mind!

I am always fascinated with peoples ideas about success. Younger ones can have much grander ideas of course. However, I have met some elderly people full of life and still loving what they do and planning more. For me success has been more about overcoming defeat. I have experienced some major set backs in life. Most do as we get older, but for me, it started at forty. Some tips in recovery. Always use your energy for the present situation. Trying to fix old mistakes is impossible mostly. Never live in regrets, everything has its purpose. Yes, even the most awful experience teach us valuable skills. Hitting rock bottom is hard, however, rising from their is very rewarding. Getting old is not a problem: not looking after yourself is! Eating healthy is the best thing you can do for yourself. We are made to move, exercise stops a multitude of aches and pains. No point making comparisons between people. Thinking

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