Pausing may just change your whole life

The more the metropolitan areas grow the harder it is for the average family to enjoy some quiet time. This is also true with the frantic pace that most occupations have to deal with in our modern world. What do we do when we seems like its impossible to get some quiet time to read, meditate or even get a good sleep… Perhaps it might be our perception and unrealistic expectations or even overdeveloped bad habits. Don’t get me wrong I like peace and quiet as much as the next guy, possibly more as I have aged. Consider this article below… P.38,39,40 The Power of Mindfulness Ven. Nyanaponika Thera ‘Under the influence of pausing for bare attention, the average rhythm of our everyday actions, speech and thoughts will also become more quiet and peace- ful. Slowing down the hurried rhythm of life means that thoughts, feelings, and perceptions will be able to complete the entire length of their natural lifetime.

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